Whatsapp Best Tricks 2024

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There are several WhatsApp best tricks that we bought for you. They are following as:

Send Text Massage in Bold, Italic, Strikethrough text

If you want to send text messages in some style, you can use these types of methods.

Here are some best WhatsApp tricks.

For this trick, you should type text with these special characters.

  • Bold (*Bold*)
  • Italics (_Italics_)
  • Strikethrough (~Strikethrough~)
  • Monospace (‘’’Monospace’’’)
Whatsapp Best Tricks 2023 manishtechniz

Stop Auto Downloading Media

Some time your WhatsApp Downloads Unwanted Photos and Media, but with this trick you can control all types of downloading via mobile data or wifi.

  • Open WhatsApp Setting
  • Goto Storage and Data
  • Change Media auto-Download
Whatsapp Best Tricks 2023 manishtechniz

Activate Two Step verification

You can use this trick to make your Whatsapp login account more secure. In this trick, you install a passcode to login to your account.

When you login to your old WhatsApp account on another device, first you must cross the OTP login threshold, and after that, WhatsApp will ask you to enter your Activation Code.

  • Open Your WhatsApp Setting
  • Click Account
Whatsapp Best Tricks 2023 manishtechniz
Whatsapp Best Tricks 2023 manishtechniz
  • Select Two-step Verfication
  • Click on Two-step verification to start this feature
Whatsapp Best Tricks 2023 manishtechniz
  • It ask to enter 6 number digit pass code and remember it.

WhatsApp create link video call

People usually use Whatsapp Video Calls, but if you want to make a group call with your friends, you can use the “Create Call Link” trick on Whatsapp.

In this trick, you create a video link and send it via WhatsApp. Copy the link and share it on any social media app.

And the best part of this WhatApp call is that you can change the type of call if you want a video call; if you want an audio call, you can also make it by changing the call type.

Whatsapp Best Tricks 2023 manishtechniz
Whatsapp Best Tricks 2023 manishtechniz

Send a message on WhatsApp without adding a number

Send a message on WhatsApp without saving the number. You have to create a link, and on that link, only change the number, click on it, and send a message without saving the number.

Type this link in message box in Whatsapp App


Example: wa.me/919876543210?text=I%20Love%20You

When you click on above link, Recevier user get Message I Love You in WhatsApp.

NOTE:: “%20” (This is for “Space“)

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