LeadsGuru Affiliate Program 2023

LeadsGuru Affiliate Program review in 2022

LeadsGuru Affiliate Program is a social media marketing platform where you will learn how to start and establish an internet business with natural social media marketing. Ajay Singh is the founder of LeadsGuru and is also a social media marketer, entrepreneur, and Affiliate marketer.

LeadsGuru offers people the opportunity to become LeadsGuru Affiliate and earn money by promoting LeadsGuru courses. The individual receives a 90% commission on each course.

LeadsGuru courses are focused on social media marketing, and you may learn a variety of skills. These abilities helps in the earning of leadsGuru.

If you want earn money from leadsguru, then what is LeadsGuru for you? Must know about this. Because with the help of Leadsguru Affiliate Marketing, you can easily make millions of rupees per month sitting at home. However, you might not be understanding this now, how to earn money from Leadsguru?

You must carefully study this article to understand how to do this.

What is affiliate marketing

Friends, before knowing what Leadsguru affiliate marketing is, I am explaining it to you through an example: Suppose you opened a clothes shop, but not many customers were coming to your shop. Now you thought that I would tell my friends and brothers . Whoever wants to buy clothes, take them to your shop. Then your friends will say, Brother, we will reach, but what will you give us?

Then you tell them that brother, you keep a little commission. It means you give them some money because they are bringing you customers. Here, your friends have become the middlemen who are getting your clothes sold, and your clothes are getting sold, so you are giving them some money, which benefits you as well as your friends.

Similarly, big companies also do it. Even Amazon also runs its affiliate marketing programme, and with the help of this affiliate program people are earning millions of rupees, here our only work is that through our link people have to sell products and if they buy clothes, Amazon gives us commission if you bought your product worth ₹1000 then you will get ₹50 according to a 5% commission.

Giving commission to companies in this way is called affiliate and when you do this type of work and get the product sold to as many people as possible, then this whole process is called affiliate marketing.

I hope you have understood this.

Needs for Become Successful Affiliate Marketer with LeadsGuru

  • Right Direction & Mentorship
  • High Paying Skill
  • Good Plateform
  • Step by step guide

Benefits of LeadsGuru

LeadsGuru Affilate Program review in 2022 - manishtechniz.in
  • High Commission ( High Income )
  • Same day Payout
  • 2 tier passive income
  • Valuable courses
  • No Qualification Needed
  • No Need To Create Product
  • Work From Anywhere
  • By Your Smartphone

Why leadsguru

  • A Powerful Platform
  • Training & Mentorship
  • Best Selling Product
  • Best Eco System For Newbies
  • Live Training System
  • India’s Fastest Growing Affiliate Family
  • A Powerful Ecosystem For All
  • India’s First & Only Same Day Payout System
  • Variety Of Products

Disadvantage of LeadsGuru

  • Its first disadvantage is that to work in it, you have to invest money first, you have to buy its course.
  • There is no fixed salary in Leadsguru affiliate program. When you sell the course then only you will get money.
  • People do not trust much in online works. So you have to convince them. Only then will you be able to sell this course to them.
  • You will need a lot of leads in such a situation. If you will not be able to do lead generation, it will be hard to earn money.
  • In this, you will have to keep working continuously. Only then will you be able to earn money from it, although when people join below you, commission will keep coming on their selling, but in the initial phase you will have to work very hard.

LeadsGuru Courses

There are three packages


Silver package

  • Advanced Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Creation Mastery
  • Video Editing Mastery
  • Instagram Growth Mastery
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery


  • Upto 90% Commission On Every Referral.
  • Valuable Bonuses

Gold package

  • Public Speaking Mastery Course
  • Spoken English Mastery Course
  • Communication Mastery Course
  • Facebook Ads Mastery Course
  • Email Marketing Mastery Course
  • Sales Funnel Mastery Course
  • Advanced Affiliate Marketing Course


  • All Silver Courses Free As A Bonus.

Platinum package


In 2023, the Platinum package will be part of Leadsguru 2.0. The Platinum package is the most powerful, with a large number of courses and opportunities to learn new skills and a valid certificate.

There are two courses in platinum LeadsGuru 2.0 .

  • Institutional Digital Marketing Course ( By Digital Agency )
  • Advanced Copywriting Course


  • 8 Gold Courses Free As A Bonus
  • 6 Silver Courses Free As A Bonus
  • Course Completion Certifcate
  • Upto 90 % Commission On Every Sale


  • 11 Days Affiliate Marketing Training.
  • Weekly 1 Internal Training
  • Weekly 1 Special Training
  • Weekly 1 Leader Training
  • Hall Of Fame Weekly Q & A Session


  • Access Of All Recorded Training
  • 2 Sales Webinar
  • Access Of Whatsapp Group
  • Access Of Telegram Group
  • Access Of Facebook Group

Leadsguru All Commission Plan

Leadsguru works on affiliate marketing plan. When you sell its course, you will get a commission in return. Leadsguru gives up to 90% commission to its affiliates. To work at Leadsguru, you have to do two things.

1. Purchase LeadsGuru Courses

To join Leadsguru, you have to buy its course, there are three categories of courses: Silver, Gold and Platinum, out of which you can take any one and you have to buy it only once after that, you will have to work in Leadsguru forever. You will get permission and affiliate ID. Through this Affiliate ID, you can refer Leadsguru Courses to other people.

2. Sale LeadsGuru Courses

After joining Leadsguru, the second major task is to sell its courses. When you refer its courses to other people through your affiliate ID and those people buy Leadsguru courses from your referred link, you will get 90% of the commission. But it also has criteria for what is your rank and which course you will sell, then how much commission you will get.

So let us now understand its commission plan.

Silver Course Commission LeadsGuru

Silver-income of LeadsGuru

Silver Commission Table

Sell toTier1Tier2Tier3
All Courses₹1503₹175₹78

If a user enrolls in the silver package and subsequently sells the silver or gold or platinum package to someone, the user will only be able to make passive money on three tiers. Users will earn 1503 Rs/Enroll on the first tier, 175 Rs/Enroll on the second tier and 78 Rs/Enroll on third tier.

Gold Course Commission LeadsGuru


Gold Commission Table

Sell toTier1Tier2Tier3

Users who sign up for the gold package can receive a three-tiered passive income from Leadsguru.

  • If a person sells a silver bundle, they can earn 1503 Rs per enrol, 175 Rs per enrol, and 78 Rs per enrol in tiers 1, 2, and 3, respectively.
  • If a user sells Gold and Platinum packages from LeadsGuru, they may earn 2701 Rs per enroll, 316 Rs per enroll, and 140 Rs per enroll in tiers 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

Platinum Course Commission LeadsGuru


Platinum Commission Table

Sell toTier1Tier2Tier3

Users who enrolled for the platinum package can receive a three-tiered passive income from Leadsguru.

  • If a person sells a silver bundle, they can earn 1503 Rs per enrol, 175 Rs per enrol, and 78 Rs per enrol in tiers 1, 2, and 3, respectively.
  • If a user sells Gold package from LeadsGuru, they may earn 2701 Rs per enroll, 316 Rs per enroll, and 140 Rs per enroll in tiers 1, 2, and 3 respectively.
  • If a user sells Platinum package from LeadsGuru, they may earn 6538 Rs per enroll, 764 Rs per enroll, and 340 Rs per enroll in tiers 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

Where to Promote Leadsguru Affiliate Link?

You may share this affiliate link with your family and friends or you can use social media to make new contacts and create leads.

This course will teach you how to earn money through online affiliate program. How to market this affiliate link and how to get organic leads.

If they purchase Leadsguru’s course via your affiliate link after you’ve generated leads, all earnings you make will be shown in your dashboard and sent into your bank account within 24 hours.

How much money can be earned from Leadsguru?

There is no fix in this that how much money you will earn. You can earn as much as you want according to your work. Suppose you have taken Platinum course and you will sell Platinum course to others too, then you will get Rs 6538 from this,

Similarly, if you sell to 10 people, you will get Rs 65380 and if you sell to 100 people, you will get Rs 653800, that is, you can earn as much as you want according to your selling and work.

How much commission LeadsGuru offer ?

Leadsguru offters 90% commission on selling the product or each referral.

Is Leadsguru provide same day payout ?

Yes, You can

Is LeadsGuru a legal system ?

Yes, Leadsguru is real and legal system.

What benefits do I get if I buy the product?

If you enroll in leadsguru courses, It will provide High Commission, Valuble courses, 2 tier passive income and proper guidance.

When will I get my commission ?

You will get your first commission on first referral and also from first day.

How much money I can make from the Affiliate Program at LeadsGuru ?

There is no limitation, Although it is depend your sells.

Where will access the videos of my LeadsGuru training courses ?

You will be log-in on leadsguru website with your username and password then you can access the videos of leadsguru courses.

Can I upgrade my plans?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan any time.

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