Convert DVD Disc to MP4 Free Windows 10

convert dvd disc to mp4

Many boys face difficulties when convert DVD disc to MP4. Here, I’ll show you an easy technique to communicate information that you can understand. You should first learn about extensions, such as .DAT and .VOB, which are DVD extansions.

They cannot be played directly on a computer, laptop, or mobile device .MP4 and .mkv files can be simply played on computers and laptops.

Thus, we need to extract video from a DVD and convert it to an mp4 file. We use two softwares.

They are following below

1. DVD decrypter

This software is used to decrypt DVD videos from DVD and transfer them to another location on the computer. After running the DVD decrypter software.

Obviously you can convert DVD to mp4 windows 10 free. Although this software is free and easily understandable.

>> Click here to download DVD decrypter

We take few steps.

STEP-1: Select the IFO option from the mode tab.

STEP-2: Go to the Stream processing tab and enable stream preprocessing.

  • STEP-3: Then go to Tools mode and select the Setting option, then IFO mode.
  • STEP-4: Instead of None, we choose File spilting AUTO and click OK.
  • STEP-5: Start by selecting a destination path

2. Handbrake

This software is used to convert DVD’s videos file to mp4 videos file or another format. When you initially start the software, it will ask you to install the .NET framework 5.0.0 version, one thing to remember is that you should only install the 5.0.0 version of the framework. Yet it can dvd convert to mp4 windows 10.

>> Click here to download Handbrake Software

handbrake software warning msg

After you select OK, you will redirect the Microsoft website.

>> Otherwise Click here to download SDK 5.0.0 version .NET framwork

Click on 5.0 where arrow is denoting in below image and after scroll down the page.


You will see version lists. You will have to go to 5.0.0 version then download it

Again try open the handbrake software to DVD convert to mp4 handbrake. It will easily start without any problem and select video file.

handbrake software startup

You can save the converted videos to your own folder and select the mp4 extension before pressing the Start Encode button.


It may take some time to convert DVD to mp4 download free format, depending on the size of your DVD videos.

Advantage of Handbrake Software

  • There are no size restrictions
  • It is completely free
  • User friendly
  • Simple to use and understanding

Use Online Websites instead of Handbrake Software

You can check online disc converter websites.

Advantage of Online DVD converter Software :

  • Easy to use
  • Understandable

Disadvantage of Online DVD Converter Software :

  • Size of limitation for converting videos
  • Premium (Not Free)

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